A New Era in Logistics


Interactive Transportation Modes

We are aware of the responsibility of our work, like the butterfly in the story that a Butterfly’s wing beat affects the whole world. With our “Interactive Transport Modes” and “Integrated Transport Services” that we have created with our invaluable sectoral experience in our operational processes over the years, we provide maximum benefit to our customers in all processes.

We believe that we can make important contributions to our new world thanks to the “Sustainability” of good and good works and services. Agemar Global Logistics A.S. has been confidently maintaining its ability to be permanent in the logistics sector for many years.

With the power of the “Butterfly Effect”, our complementary transport modes are stronger, more operational and just in time …

With Interactive Integrated Global Logistics Services

Together, for the better…

The world is now more interactive

The world is now more interactive, more intertwined with each other …

We create a result-oriented domain with our operational strength, sectoral experience, and widespread network around the world. The best part of the logistics industry is a never-stop movement; For us, it means journeys that start over again. With the digital automation network, there have always been roads and journeys in the changing world and Agemar Global Logistics A.S. has always been there.

“Change” is a working routine for Agemar Global Logistics A.S., which was established in 2002 on sea and air transportation services. The logistics solutions you need are blended with years of experience and manage your business processes on your behalf. While doing all this, it follows a path compatible with the developing technological order of the world and is by your side in every field you need.

How Can We Help You?

Roads are more than just any place to go for Agemar Global Logistics A.S. Because we care how you progress. As a provider that provides safe and quality service thanks to its experienced staff on the journey, good and long-term relationships on lines spread all over the world, let’s ask once again, how can we help?

Integrated Transport Services

We defend our principles of clarity and confidence required to 7/24 communication. The clearest form of expertise.

Our services are now even closer

We are happy to share with you our expertise in FCL full container, LCL partial container, domestic transportation, chartering, transit trade transportation and combined transportation. The Far East is not far for us. Thanks to its wide agency network in Europe, America, Middle East and Africa, Agemar Global Logistics A.S. is among the most visited destinations.